martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

El tren

Para todos aquellos que se rigen por el "no hagas hoy lo que puedas hacer mañana"

Hoy y ahora suelen ser mucho más productivos...

For those who are governed by the "don`t do today what you can do tomorrow"

Today and now tend to be much more productive ...

She got on the train. He stood. He said nothing and drowned the pain as he whispered goodbye, thinking she would be happy as well.
She looks at him standing. He just wants to be with her. But it should not mourn. Now there is no turning back and she just wait him to hold there.
And the train leaves and wears a broken same heart. It was the pride, it was the indecision.
And the train ride and carries a waste future waste.  It was the fear of not.
She held the look  as he let out. And bitter was convinced that there was never love. And at last began to mourn
He thought he wanted to die. That wouldn`t  leave to love.  And when the silence fell, he knew it was a mistake.  And at last began to mourn.
And the train goes and carries a world of illusions.  Desires that do not germinate.
And the memory now weighs more than before.  It hurts to breathe.
And he still dreams about her smell. And she still feel his heart. Dreams

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