martes, 4 de octubre de 2011


Black&White presents an impossible love story, prejudices and conventions in the colonial America


From the album "When Silence Speaks" I present "Black and White"

Music author: Paloma Cantero Gómez
Lyrics author: Paloma Cantero Gómez
Duration:2,40 min.

Here is the traslation

When he looks for me I'll be far away
When he misses me I will have learned to fly
When he looked at me I will have grown old
¿Why I cry, if your skin doen’t let me mix  your white and your blond eyes with my black skin?

I am, who has seen you grow
I am, who couldn’t  ask why you go

When he loves me will have been too late
Damn coward because you fear a color
I know you love me. There is fire in your eyes and warmth in your words
I will always be your mulatta. I will always be your slave, but I'll never be your loving wife

I am, who has seen you grow
I am, who couldn’t ask why you go

When you understand it will be late
I don`t know where I will be when you regret
My life is in your hands but I gift it for you
And the day you understand we will share blame
Me, because I'm different
and you, because you don`t want to be looked bad

I will always open your way
I looked at you since we were kids
I'm at your service every day
I’m,  but I never be

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